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The Tatong Tattler

Tatong Tattler Reader Survey 2019
The Tatong Tattler is a monthly community newsletter, with a circulation of 360,
in a large area south-east of Benalla, with a diverse readership.
The Tattler is produced by volunteers, with help from both regular and occasional contributors.
The funds to produce the Tattler come from our numerous advertisers, and from community donations.
It is 10 years since we last conducted a Reader Survey.
The production team would be grateful for feedback from readers to provide ideas,
and make sure the Tattler remains relevant to our community.
Your input in encouraged, and replies can be online to the Tattler email (tatongtattler@yahoo.com.au),
left in the Tattler box in Tatong (on Noticeboard South of Tavern),
or posted to The Secretary, Tatong Tattler, 150 Mt Joy Rd, Tatong, 3673.
Thank you - from the Tatong Tattler Team.

To Download a PDF of the Survey, Click here -
or Right Click & select Save As, or whatever...

Or: copy & paste the text below into an email; add your answers; then email to the Tattler.

1.) In which district do you reside?    
(ie Tatong     Molyullah     Samaria     Moorngag     Karn    Whitegate    Wrightley -        Other: )

2.) What number of people in your household read the Tattler?

3.) Do you (a) receive a Printed Tattler (b) download the PDF (c) get both

4.) Please indicate by number, which Tattler items are of the most interest to your household
    1= Least Interesting, 4 = Most Interesting
Reports of Recent District Events 
Notice of Coming District Events  
Local Sports News and Personalities   
               of District Groups Reports:                                       
TYB    (The Tatong Young Bloods)
Heritage Group   
Play Group
Girls Shed etc.
Local History and People 
             General Interest:                               
Domestic Travel  
Overseas Travel  
Recipes / Cooking  
Eating Out 
Medical / Emergencies Information 
Stories / Jokes / Blogs 
Digital / Technical Hints  
Thumps Up / Thumbs Down (“Cheers & Jeers”)   
Local Advertisements and Services  
Benalla Rural City News  
Children’s Contributions 

5.) Your Suggestions / Comments

Your name:

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