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The Tatong Tattler: Tatong Australia-Day Awards thus far.

(Please advise if you know any further that ought be listed here.)

1988  Graeme Peck, Citizen of the Year
1988 Julie Marriott; Junior Citizen
2006 Jade Kirk - Young Achiever
2007 Evan Lewis - Citizen of the Year & Tatong Heritage Group - Community Group
2008 Kevin Smith
2009 Rod & Lyn Lindsay
2010 Barry & Joan Lewis
2012 No nomination
2013 Joe & Bev Hakkennes - joint Tatong Achievers and Citizen of the Year
2014 Dennis Scott
2015 Jade Kirk
2016 Dennis Hevey
2017 Ashley Day
2018 de Sales Turner
2018 Ellan Montgomery, Elly Cavelot, Jessica Cavelot - Young Achiever
2018 Tatong Art Show - Community Event
2019 Mike Larkin
2019 Tatong Royal Children's Hospital; Good Friday Family Fun Day - Community Event of the Year
2020 No nomination

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